Award winning photography

A Cairns photographer and true professional within the wedding industry, Natalie from Stella Studios – Cairns Wedding Photographer, has won a GOLD and a SILVER DISTINCTION in the 2013 AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards in the wedding photographer category, 2014 AIPP 2 x Silver with Distinction and a Silver, 2015 AIPP Silver Award and becoming an Associate Member of the Australia Institute of Photography.

Here are the statistics of the winning prints so that you know the standard of competition and what it meant to receive a silver with distinction at the Australian open – For those of you who enjoy a stat, we had 3083 entries in total, with 962 images awarded a silver awards (31.32% of the total entries), 244 Silver Distinction (7.94%), 87 Gold Awards (2.83%) and only 7 Gold Distinction at (0.23% of images entered).


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AIPP silver with distinction award

Taryn and David

affordable wedding photography







There are many Cairns wedding photographers and choosing a wedding photographer in North Queensland can be challenging, especially an affordable wedding photographer.

How do you choose which photographer will help you, guide you and most of all create wedding photography that will catch your breathe and affect your soul?

A Weddings photographer has a responsibility and honour to uphold. Stella Studios takes this responsibility very seriously. For an affordable wedding photographer, Natalie sets a unique standard of excellence.

All Cairns wedding photographers have something special to offer. So out of all them, which one do you choose? You have probably heard or read it all before – ‘Modern, unique, spontaneous, candid, exquisite – the list goes on.’ At Stella Studios, Natalie Martin believes that her photos will enlighten you, her retouching amaze you, and her friendly and natural approach relax you” .

What does Stella Studio’s do as a wedding photographer that separates Stella from any other wedding photographers in North Queensland or Cairns wedding photographer?

Here are some of the extras that Stella Studios do that is different from the rest: Many hours of research and planning go into your wedding day so locations and styles are suited and are a true representation of the bride and groom’s personalities – there is no such thing as a limit on locations and each wedding has their own unique locations. Natalie’s inspiration for weddings photography is not only found from one genre but from a range: photojournalism, the glamour of fashion photography, landscape photography and digital creations.

Stella Studios uses external flash systems that enhance location shots and can be used in case of bad weather or lighting indoors.

Stella Studios also uses professional quality USB  and products that are sourced from all over the world. But most importantly, Natalie give 110% to every wedding whether big or small – a wedding only happens once.

Natalie hopes you will choose her to photograph your special day, but to help make things easier in choosing your wedding photographer here is a list of questions that you can ask any cairns wedding photographer.

( The following should give you more confidence in making the right decision). You can start with simple questions like these:

- What are your wedding photography prices or wedding photography costs – is it within your budget or are they worth investing in?

You will be able to afford Stella Studios.

- Where do you photograph? – Port Douglas weddings, Palm Cove, beach weddings, the Tablelands or Mission Beach.

Stella photographs anywhere a bride and groom requires.

- What do I actually get for the price you are quoting? – are there any extras (hidden) charges that I will probably want or need after the wedding.

What you see is what you get with Stella – everything is up front with no hidden extras.

- Do you release the copyright of the images to me? – at no additional charge.

Stella releases copyright with all her creative wedding photography.

- What file size and compression are the photographs given to me at? When are the images converted to JPEG (the right answer will be at the very end of the editing process).

Stella works in RAW, PSD then converts to JPEG at the very end to get the maximum resolution and detail out of every image.

- Are the photographs supplied at different resolutions for my ease of use?

Stella supplies images in three formats Low resolution for facebook/emails/computer, high resolution for printing of album and desktop prints and large file size for wall prints.

- What are the photographs supplied on – DVD/CD or Archival DVD or USB?

Stella uses archival DVD’s, because an ordinary DVD may only last a few years before starting to break down.

- Are all images digitally edited, how many images do you supply?

Stella provides approx 300 fully edited photographs per full coverage wedding.

- How do you choose the locations?

Stella scouts for locations a week or two before the wedding to ensure that the locations suit the couple and that the lighting is correct for the time and that there is no roadworks or construction taking place that could restrict time or design of images. Every thing that can be controlled flows smoothly on the day.

- What cameras do you use (make sure they have more than one camera and a good range of lenses and filters) and what format do they shoot in (a professional photographer will always shoot in a RAW format).

Stella has 2 main camera bodies and one back up body, 5 main lenses, 3 external flashes, softbox and reflectors and always shoots in RAW

- Are you going to be our photographer on the day?

YES! If you book Natalie she will be your photographer and designer and work with you from beginning to end.

- Who does your digital editing/designing?

Natalie does the digital/editing and designing for Stella Studios

- Do you work solely on my wedding once you start editing the files (to get consistent emotion throughout the series)?

Yes, we do

- Do you use templates for your designs?

Stella Studios works uniquely for each client, not to a set design.

- Approximately how long after the wedding should I receive my album/package

Stella Studios aim to have your images viewed within 4 weeks this includes the proofs and design ready, the album then takes a further 6 weeks as it is made in Italy.

- How many consultations do we have prior to the wedding and what service do you provide after the wedding?

At Stella you have at least 2 consultations (coffees) before the wedding with unlimited phone calls/emails and after the wedding we have a viewing and we work together unlimited to perfect your designs. You are then most welcome to email, ask questions etc or just to say hi.

- Are all the images and designs that you are displaying to me your work?

Yes, They are all Natalie’s work.

- What type of materials and printing presses do you use to produce my album or book?

Stella Studios use all archival quality papers and prints. The albums are handcrafted from natural fibers and the inks used for the printing presses are archival as well.

- What can you do for me that will separate my images from my friends weddings and albums?

We don’t have set locations or a set amount of locations. Natalie scouts for different locations prior to the day and discusses with you what locations would be suit your personalities and what you want to achieve.  With your albums – I am the only supplier in the Cairns region for this quality album

- Do you feel relaxed and comfortable speaking and reacting with the photographer – do you think your partner will as well?

With Natalie you will!

- Does the photographer work with your timings and personality or do you have to follow their lead?

Natalie works with you, this creates very natural, candid and fun photographs.  She will pose you in a style and then let your personalities and strengths take over.

- Does the wedding photographer actually communicate with you and find out your details, try to get to know you – about your dress, where did you meet your fiance, why choose the location for the ceremony and reception, what do you like doing on the weekends, what type of work do you and your fiancé do? What is your dream of a perfect wedding? If the photographer doesn’t ask these types of personal questions – are they really interested in capturing you and your emotions on your wedding day…… or just a nice image.

Stella Studios wedding photography prices start at $580 for a mid week wedding. Stella Studios has affordable wedding photography that you will absolutely love. All packages include copyright release photographs and can include a huge range of products and services. Please don’t hesitate to call or email Natalie from Stella Studios to arrange an appointment or to be sent a list of packages and prices. Her details are on the contact page.