Cairns photographer, Stella Studios, prides itself to be a part of the Cairns Wedding Photographer and Portrait Studio industry.

Particularly, specialising in affordable wedding photography, creative wedding photography, beach weddings – Palm Cove weddings, Port Douglas weddings, Mission Beach weddings, family portraits photography, model portfolios and commercial interests. A Cairns photographer with a passion for people and places.

Natalie Turner is the professional photographer and designer for Stella Studios. Natalie loves her profession!!! She is also an affliated member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

She believes that the most inspiring images photographers can capture are the ones that are treasured forever. Natalie’s success at being rated as one of the leading Cairns Wedding photographers and Portrait Studio specialists is the ability to capture human spirit, love and powerful emotion.

Natalie believes that a photographers purpose is to bring smiles and a quiet remembrance down memory lane. A photographers ability to see and feel is the foundation of being a top wedding portrait photographer and is a trait that is worthy of trust and commitment. North Queensland is filled with technically challenging conditions – a Cairns photographers challenge is to utilise this lighting, colours, patterns and landscapes to create a timeless piece. Stella Studios achieves this.

A great wedding photographers sole intention should be to provide a service that goes beyond any boundary. Weddings photography and Portrait photography should have no rules, a photographers position is to capture even the finest of details in a visual impact that will stun the clients, push the limits. Great wedding and portrait photographers create images that are personal, have an affect on the viewer, last a lifetime! Natalie continues to push the boundaries of photography each time she releases the shutter. She believes that her best work will be her next and strives to attain this standard in all areas of her work. She never creates ‘average’.

Cairns wedding photographer & Family

Natalie completed her Photography degree at James Cook University in 2004, achieving the highest grade point average. To stay competitive and keep her creative edge, Natalie is continually updating her skills and knowledge through forums and seminars around Australia and this is combined with professional equipment, software, and the highest quality materials.  Being apart of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography she has to maintain a professional level at all times and attend seminars to keep her affiliation.

Natalie can guarantee that her photography will be exceptional.

Natalie’s camera equipment is of professional standards. She uses three professional bodies – Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 5D Mark II and a 7D, interchangeable lenses that range from 16mm – 300mm both fixed and zoom, filters, professional flash (that can be used off camera and combine with a softbox or honeycomb reflector to create unique lighting in dark or rainy conditions), Tripod, reflectors and professional memory cards. This is mainly for outdoor photography shoots. For indoor, a studio setup that compromises of three 500W lights, softboxes, barndoors, honeycombs, reflectors, backgrounds and props.

For her digital imaging, Natalie has a Macintosh 27inch computer with a graphic pad instead of a mouse. Natalie photographs in a RAW format (which is of professional standard – something important to ask your potential photographer), then uses a combination of Photo Mechanic, Lightroom and Photoshop CS5 to work the images. It is only transferred to a JPEG format at the very end – no digital work is completed after this is done. Natalie’s retouching will amaze you. (working in JPEG format decreases the stability of the image). She also only uses archival DVD’s as ordinary DVD’s start to breakdown after about 4 years. Natalie’s photography equipment is reliable, professional and is able to handle all extremes and demands. Basically, her kit will perform and is like her second skin.

ON a personal note, while establishing her photography career she also started her family. She is engaged to a supportive partner and has two beautiful children aged 5 and 7 which are full of energy. A quote that Natalie uses to describe her little family is ‘look out world here we come’. Natalie combines her love of being a mum with the challenge of being a professional photographer and balances both. In fact, being a mum has improved her photography. It has allowed her to understand, it has created patience and instilled a passion to achieve – if not for herself but for others. She also has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is constantly by her side when she is at home. Fishing and snowboarding are her sports of choice. The money destroyer of the family is a 22 ft cruise craft reef boat which is taken out as much as it can to chase those wonderful reef fish. A challenge that Natalie most enjoys. They also try and go snowboarding every year, mostly to Japan, Natalie is a very passionate snowboarder and a lover of the Japanese culture and heritage. Prior to having children she was a traveller and has had wonderful adventures all around the world.