Looking for the perfect composition

Another brief lesson in composition and perspective.  When taking a photograph always have a look at your surroundings and take a close look at what you are photographing.  Ask yourself, what is the most interesting part of this image.  Once you have the answer, walk around the interesting part and see which angle or direction looks best.  Never thing that standing straight in front of the interesting element will be the best.  Bend down and have a look, stand on your tiptoes, go in close and then step back, go the each side and see what best suits.  The lighting on the interesting part will change and will enhance or detract from the image. Here is a shot taken of the one subject but from different angles, it is only a basic example but shows the different ways an element can look.

Each photograph can tell a different story and it can be from taking the photograph at a different angle.  By taking your time and observing your surroundings, you are on your way to making your photograph ‘tell a thousand words’.