Compositional element in photographs – HOW TO

What makes a good photograph?  The main or one of the most important factors in creating a visual appealing image is that your eye, when viewing the image, comfortably sits at the part of the image you want to make the statement from.  In other words, if you are photographing a person and in the background is a bright coloured box or something else that is distracting does your eye sit on the person or does it want to look at the box?  When composing an image, a smile may not be the most important thing.  Positioning of the subject in the frame and eliminating distracting objects by either zooming in, using a large aperture to blur the background or moving the distraction out the the frame all play an important part in creating a wonderful and eye compelling scene.  So, next time you take a snap shot portrait, remember to position the subject or yourself correctly and look at the surrounding to see what is in the background. Have a great day and enjoy your photography!